2020 in review

  • No more purchasing from Amazon

This started off so well, with nothing purchased until Feb- and that was just a small order for some plastic containers I could nowhere else. Then some wifi equipment for my parents in March. Then in June/July, it got worse- 37 orders over the entire 2020. Way more than I wanted, but half of 2019’s orders at 85 orders.

  • 5,000km of bike rides (logged on Strava), virtual or real

Glad I put virtual in this total with all the lockdowns! Smashed this one- with lots of climbing, not just distance.

  • Lose some weight- yea, I know its a standard new years one, but I have great plans for this- no figures for the moment

Muh, failed- bring on 2021.

  • 12 x 50km+ rides. Try and get at least 1 longer ride in per month- these might naturally fall to the summer, but the idea is to get 12 done

15 rides over 50km! yay. Only 4 real rides- and 9 virtual, but still.

  • 26 books – one every 2 weeks. Looking to write a quick review on each as well so I can review what I thought about it as well. Christmas has brought me tons of new books, so I certainly have enough material

No idea about this one- as I haven’t recorded what I have read. I reckon I missed this target- but wasn’t too far off- maybe 15 book read?

  • Start & write 52 articles- I don’t want this linked to this domain, but let’s see if I am any good at writing!

35 posts, and 9 pages, with 29,000+ words written. Not quite as planned, but not too badly- overall I’d say.

6 Resolutions, 1 total fail, 1 Amazon fail, but the others I had done quite well at- baring in mind the year that we’ve had.

One thought on “2020 in review”

  1. Nice work Alistair, and great write up 🙂

    Regarding the Amazon thing, I saw a GCN video about this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO256MI-CVc) – they suggested setting a spending limit, rather than a blanket ban.

    I really like that Veloviewer summary, 6.9x up Everest and cycling all the way from Paris to Dubai. Really puts the effort into perspective.

    I remain extremely grateful for all your help in kick starting my cycling journey, and wish you all the best with your goals for 2021.


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