March/Feb in review

So, Feb got rather busy and I didn’t get time to post anything. But, now I seem to have a bit more time with the whole “lockdown” situation that the UK now finds itself in etc.

An unedited copy of my resolutions is here – I’ll break down each and see how I’m doing:

  • No more purchasing from Amazon

Done pretty well on this one, just 1 order in 2020 so far, and that was for some Tupperware I just couldn’t get anywhere else. I also used a “refund voucher” for something that I sent back, so no actual new money went to Amazon. Be interested to see if I can maintain this now we are on lockdown etc.

  • 5,000km of bike rides (logged on Strava), virtual or real

Eeeek, with lockdown in place, I’m not getting my commute km’s in.
  • Lose some weight- yea, I know its a standard new years one, but I have great plans for this- no figures for the moment

Getting better, really trying harder to cut out snacks etc- helping that I can’t go out very much to get them on this one! Lack of normal walking is taking its toll as well though.

  • 12 x 50km+ rides. Try and get at least 1 longer ride in per month- these might naturally fall to the summer, but the idea is to get 12 done

Well, this is totally on hold at the moment, unless I do virtual rides, which I guess I could consider, especially if this goes on and on…..

  • 26 books – one every 2 weeks. Looking to write a quick review on each as well so I can review what I thought about it as well. Christmas has brought me tons of new books, so I certainly have enough material

Actually read 4 books, but havent reviewed one of them. I have actually read 4.5, but, do you have the problem when a book just gets so “sticky” to read, but you have already started it, so you want to finish it, but it totally puts you off reading. I have one of them, that I just need to get through (but have started another book I’m liking much better)

  • Start & write 52 articles- I don’t want this linked to this domain, but let’s see if I am any good at writing!

13 posts written! I’m quite amazed at myself, I still have a ton more content that I want to write as well- I keep a list as I write- so that I can interlink the content etc. 11 Articles still to write, and I’m sure these will all have other articles that will come from them. Helps that I set a Friday deadline to get the articles published.

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