January in review

So, I’d thought I would post a monthly review about how/if I was achieving my resolutions- mainly as a reminder to myself to see if I’m on target or slipping etc.

An unedited copy of my resolutions is here – I’ll break down each and see how I’m doing:

  • No more purchasing from Amazon

This was actually much easier than I was expecting. I am still using it in work- but at home, I haven’t used it for a single thing. It does involve a little more thinking about where I am going to get the item I need, but I haven’t missed it as much as I was expecting. It has also saved me money- as its hassle to find other sites etc, I just haven’t bothered to buy as much!

  • 5,000km of bike rides (logged on Strava), virtual or real
So I’m way behind on this one. Hoping by the summer I am getting some bigger rides in.
  • Lose some weight- yea, I know its a standard new years one, but I have great plans for this- no figures for the moment

Muh, I’m still trying on this one.

  • 12 x 50km+ rides. Try and get at least 1 longer ride in per month- these might naturally fall to the summer, but the idea is to get 12 done

Zero completed, but to be fair the weather hasn’t been great on this.

  • 26 books – one every 2 weeks. Looking to write a quick review on each as well so I can review what I thought about it as well. Christmas has brought me tons of new books, so I certainly have enough material

Been reading much more than normal- actually ahead of schedule on this one. I am 3 books done, and half way through another. Getting at least 30 minutes per day before bed is just perfect

  • Start & write 52 articles- I don’t want this linked to this domain, but let’s see if I am any good at writing!

Have written 2 articles on this, it took me way longer to get the hosting/domain and some ideas together on this. But once that was done, writing the articles themselves was pretty easy, and each one has spawned another 3/4 ideas for more. Just need to get some more time on this.

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