Book Review: The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort

Having already seen the film (mentioned on the front cover of the book) I was quite aware of what I was about to read. I knew it wasn’t going to be the best written book in the world- but in that weird time between Christmas & New Year I thought it would be a light read to enable my brain to have a bit of a rest before the new year started.

It was pretty much just as I was expecting- lots of drug usage and breaking of various laws- but just leaving enough wiggle room to get away from the police- until at various points bribes would need to be paid. Although its a pretty incredible story- Jordan does well to explain how it was actually possible- keeping it believable- just.

I had 2 disappointments with the book:

  • The ending of the book sucks. I’m not going to ruin it in case you are going to read it yourself- but leaving the reader in that position wasn’t great. Do note- it’s not a small book at over 500 pages.
  • Lack of detail of some of the various antics regarding his firm and how he actually managed to do some of the deals etc that he managed.

Would I recommend? Well, if you don’t mind the trashy nature of the book, and are interested in how Jordan managed to blow literally millions of dollars on things- then yea, this is the book for you. Would I ever read it again? No.

Overall rating- 5/10, only worth it if you are already interested in him, or how you can spend/waste millions of $$$.

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