Monthly Archives: February 2013

Arrow keys not working in vi edit mode?

On a fresh installation of Centos/Ubuntu you will sometimes find that the arrow keys don’t work whilst in vi- instead giving you something like:


Very frusting and usually has me grabbing nano instead. However, there are a couple of ways around this:

  • apt-get install vimĀ  (or use your favourite package manager) and instead use vim, which supports the arrow keys by default
  • Or if you don’t want to install more software, set “:set nocompatible” and this should fix it also

SSH command not found

So you have just installed Centos 6 and for some reason, although you can SSH into the server, you can’t SSH into another server.

ssh: command not found

You check that you have openssh installed by running yum intall openssh and find that it’s already installed. What has happened here then? Although you have the openssh server installed and running (as you are connected over ssh), you don’t have an ssh client installed. So run:

yum install openssh-clients

This will install an openssh client and you can now connect to other servers via SSH etc.

Hope this has helped you !